08 Jul

If you have a huge carpeted area in your home, you must be aware of its regular cleaning and maintenance. DIY cleaning is difficult with a tight schedule. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning services alameda can be effective for deep clean to remove all stubborn spots and stains from your expensive carpet.  Here are 5 things you should know about the process and its long-term outcomes. 

1. Pre-vacuum: Before the actual process of cleaning starts, it is important to pre-vacuum the carpets to get rid of surface pollen, dirt and hair. All professional cleaners first conduct a vacuum cleaning before delving into the actual extensive cleaning process. 

2.  Cleaning Systems are Different: Most cleaning companies will conduct carpet shampooing. But, at Aladdin Magic Carpet Cleaning, we go an extra mile. We offer steam extraction technology that leaves zero residue and turbo drying technology to dry up the area within 4 hours. 

3.  Stain Removal: Efficient stain removal is only possible using truck mounted stem cleaning machine which removes hard stains from the deepest of carpet fibers. Hiring carpet cleaning services alameda can do the job most efficiently. 

4.  Stain Protection: Professional cleaners apply stain protection chemicals to prevent future stains from occurring. They also used perfumed chemicals to leave a fresh smell in the house. 

5. Carpet Grooming: After shampooing, the fibers must be groomed and dried to return back to their original pristine condition. Without grooming, carpets look too shabby and hamper the aesthetic beauty of your place. 

Everyone is aware of the consequence of using toxic chemicals for carpet cleaning. Safe carpet cleaning solution Richmond employs Green Professionals who use Steam Technology Carpet Cleaning Machines to do the job. They use non-toxic non-harmful organic chemicals to deodorize and groom your carpets. Visit www.aladdinmmagiccarpets.com and book your appointment for eco-friendly carpet cleaning and repair service.

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