17 Jun

While you may already be aware of the advantages of hiring magic carpet cleaning services Oakland, but you may not have knowledge on the types of carpet cleaning techniques used by different companies.

Here is a list of 3 popular types of carpet cleaning methods in the market:

  • Hot water extraction: This method is also known as steam cleaning which uses high pressurized hot water/ super heated steam to dissolve dirt and dust particles by agitating the carpet fibers. This method involves applying cleaning agent on dirty carpet, agitation with a brush followed by thorough rinsing. A turbo dryer is used to dry the carpet. A 3000 sq ft carpet takes over night drying but a dryer can complete the task within 4 hours.

  • Carpet Shampooing: This may be cost effective method but shampooing often leaves behind foam residues which dries up and makes the carpet sticky as no rinsing step is followed after shampooing.

  • Foam Encapsulation: This method uses synthetic detergents which traps dust particles and converts them into powdery foam which can easily be vacuumed or brushed away from the carpet. Encapsulation can yield good long term results and is extensively used by magic carpet cleaning services Oakland for thorough cleaning.

Top 3 reasons for hiring magic carpet repair solutions Emeryville are:

  • Safety of family members: Regular repair and cleaning gets rid of harmful bacteria and molds accumulated on damp dirty carpets. If left unclean, it can cause serious health effects like respiratory illnesses and allergies.

  • Extend carpet life span: Carpets are expensive. Buying a new one may not be a wise financial decision. Hire carpet repair service to mend those holds and maintain beautiful floors for years.

  • No hassle: DIY cleaning and repair involves a lot of time and effort. Hiring a professional is a good idea for specialized carpet cleaning with best results and zero hassles.
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